Boone Oakley

Not just a video. Their home page. Brilliant.

Art & Copy

Can't wait to see this.

Eternal Moonwalk

A fantastic example of "viral user-generated content" that is almost impossible to stop watching CLICK HERE

Nike Sportswear Stories

Such a killer use of stop motion. Love how it allows you to get closer looks at items without yanking you out of the stories. CLICK HERE

IKEA - Come In To The Closet

IKEA does it again. So many things make this site great, but it's the casting that really gets me CLICK HERE

Puma Lift site

Cool site for Puma Lift that leaves no doubt what the shoes are all about. Really like the film (not the intro film, the dance film - click on menu and then film) CLICK HERE

Patrick Hughes "Signs"

Adorable film for Schweppes by director Patrick Hughes. Product placement is right on the line. Good side, I think. You know it's for Schweppes, no doubt about it, but the story is about love, not bubbly. CLICK HERE